Bar Study Distraction – Lawyer Tech – iPad Edition

Since I would like a brief break from studying from the bar, but would still like to be productive, I thought I’d write another Lawyer Tech post, describing effective apps and strategies for a legal professional.

The iPad has really changed the way a lot of professionals think about computing. Despite Microsoft’s claims to the contrary, the iPad can be an incredibly useful tool for a professional on the go.

I currently use an iPad 3, 32GB wifi edition. The iPad 3 was the first to feature the retina display (a higher density of pixels allows for a higher resolution image), as well functioning Siri support. I also have the blue Smart Cover, which is convenient when I’m on the go and want to keep the screen safe. Pair the device with a bluetooth keyboard and you’ve got a powerful productivity tool. The only thing that would make this device more mobile friendly would be adding mobile data (those iPads start at a higher price, and carry monthly data charges – a higher commitment than I’m currently ready for) — Louisville recently went LTE live on the AT&T mobile network, and the throughput is incredible.

Application wise, there are several items which are required for productivity:

    Google Drive

With the above, you should be able to save, read, and edit most document formats on the go. I really enjoy the interface in the mobile version of Pages, but if you are looking for something more distraction-free, iA Writer has a nice full screen mode that removes all distractions from the writing area. While the built-in Safari is probably good enough for most tasks, I also recommend mobile Chrome.

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