Exploring keyboard options with the Apple iPad Pro 12.9

So I wanted to test out writing on my iPad Pro, 12.9, 2017 Edition. I’ve been using the Smart Keyboard until recently, when it started giving me grief. This accessory not supported. There are a few open items in the apple forums about the problem, but the gist of my reading was that apple wasn’t doing anything about it, outside of warranty replacements. As I bought mine from a refurbished special deal at Best Buy, this wasn’t really an option.  So I fired up a Bluetooth Apple keyboard I had laying around. I was surprised with the response and improvement...

Realistic Planning: Cornerstone to Sustainable Annual Giving

In the annual giving arena, staffers are continually expected to grow donor participation and engagement. It is important, though, to set thoughtful, reasonable goals for your annual fund goals. This piece will provide a cursory examination of the component goals from a higher education non-profit perspective, but many (if not all non-alumni) pieces will be applicable to annual giving staff persons in any industry. (more…)


My site was hacked on 2/8/14. You may have noticed the friendly message from the Turkish Hacker who commandeered my site. Luckily I was able to mostly restore my posts here.  Ever had your website hacked? Leave your comments below.