iPhone 5 Battery Replacement – Why I still love Apple

After weeks of increasingly poor battery performance, I was pleased to hear that Apple recognized an issue with iPhone 5 batteries, and offered to replace batteries of qualifying phones, free of charge.

The customer service experience I had replacing the battery, though, was one that will keep me in the loyal apple camp for the foreseeable future.

After verifying my serial number with Apple, I scheduled a genius bar visit at my local apple store. I was dismayed to see the line upon check in. I was directed to a genius bar waiting area, and I was sure that I was in for a long wait. To my surprise, a genius, Mikey, walked over, called me by name, and led me over to a quiet corner. He thanked me for making an appointment, acknowledged my issue, and began quickly working.

I was informed that a battery replacement would take on average 45 minutes to an hour, and that I would be free to leave or wait, but I would be without a phone for that period. He ran the diagnostics on the iPhone, and I indeed had a faulty battery.

He radioed to the back room, and said “I think we may be out of batteries.” I again swelled with disappointment, thinking I would be told to come back again another day, but Mikey saved the experience with his next statement: “Since your phone is still under warranty for another 25 days, we’ll just replace it.”

Three times I had expected disappointment, and three times I had a superior customer service experience. I walked out of the store less than a half hour after  I arrived with a new phone. In addition, my warranty on the new phone was extended to 90 days. Kudos, Apple, and Mikey. You’re keeping this customer for the foreseeable future.

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