Post Bar Exam

It’s been just about a week since I finished the bar exam. The results are due out on 9/27. I started back at the Master Commissioner’s office on Monday, and made a few website changes to the website.

Advice from Dad

Dad on Holidays: “Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo. That’s really big here. I say, let them have their fun. As long as my neighbor keeps making this free food and passing out free beer.” Dad on exciting evenings: “My police scanner is going off. And Terminator 3 is on in the background. So you can probably hear all the gun fire, screams, and beeps. Sorry. Not really, but you know, curtesy or whatever.” Dad on promotions: “My landlord does a raffle for everyone who pays the rent on time. You can win $25. He draws on the sixth of every...

Student Loans

I’ve already tweeted about this (tweets below), but I felt the need to say more. MyGreatLakes, a popular student loan servicer, sent me an email this morning, laced with the suggestion that by not following the company on Twitter and Facebook, I would be more likely to default on my loans. This is utterly detestable. Unless the social media push offers some sort of loan forgiveness or interest reduction, why would anyone want to follow a company that you owe money? Just because you can offer social media to connect with your consumers doesn’t mean you should. @MyGreatLakes I think...

Lawyer Tech – Macbook

Walk into the average law school classroom, and you’ll likely find a mix of computing platforms. At the University of Louisville, some suggest that we are a little Mac heavy, but I think that the ratio of PC to Mac platform is fairly close to equal. While many have an opinion on which platform is preferable, particularly in the practice of law, in the end, the real question is whether or not the machine is actually helping you get the job done.  (more…)