Impressive Mac Mini Rack

I found this story this morning about a custom built rack of 160 Mac Minis. The developer was trying to determine how to maximize Mac computing space in rack structure now that Apple is phasing out the XServe.   “considerably cooler then expected. If you remember when I initially tested the machines in this configuration I had core temps hovering around 210F. That was hot… Now that I have them installed and the fans running I am seeing core temps around 85F, a drastic improvement.” via Steves Blog | Read on….


Please support me in my role as a moustache merchant for Movember and help me to make a difference to the state of men’s health. Men’s health is a cause I am passionate about and I’m committed to make a difference by helping to raise vital funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. I am asking you to help support my personal journey by making a donation. The size of which isn’t important, every little helps Movember to continue its funding of world class programs. To highlight the importance of what I am doing, take a look at these...

Spring 2013 Class Schedule

I’ve just finished registering for my final semester of Law School. I will be taking: Immigration Law Accounting & Finance for Lawyers Estate Planning Administrative Law Elder Law Restorative Justice All of my classes are on Monday and Wednesday. Restorative Justice meets for three days during Spring Break.


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